Samsun Engineering, Seoul, South Korea

For this project, a WOODFOIL 60 Acoustic Shell with oak finishing was used in an industrial setting with a small stage and lots of metal in the walls. This array of acoustic diffusion components was designed to project the non-amplified sound from the stage towards the audience. This way all can hear the sound directly from the instruments and give the dimension of a big concert hall. Two people are enough to assemble the acoustic shell.

Teatru Manoel, Malta

This is considered the third-oldest working theater in Europe. It opened in 1732 and despite all of its history, it did not provide the ideal acoustic conditions for rehearsals and performances until the installation of a JOCAVI Acoustic Shell. After the installation the sound quality has dramatically improved sound diffusion during performances. This was the first time JOCAVI built the WOODFOIL XL in a portable configuration, now one of the models available to buy or rent.

New Year's Concert in Casino Estoril, Portugal

Conductor Nicolay Lalov was aware of the usefulness and importance a quality acoustic shell can have for musicians so he chose a JOCAVI WOODFOIL XL ACOUSTIC SHELL to frame and improve the sound of the Cascais Symphonic Orchestra. For the last two years, the New Year’s concert has been fitted with this portable acoustic shell that is transported in wheeled flight cases where the casing is part of the shell’s structure, making it easy to assemble.

Valetta Conference Center in Malta

"In this hall we had a problem of sound projection. On stage, the musicians had trouble listening to each other. We had a problem of not really being able to judge the dynamic range of the orchestra. Sometimes, since the acoustics were working against us, the orchestra had to play louder to get a better sound, so our dynamic range was very limited, and obviously, it was very tiring. At rehearsals, we had tried different positions, but I think the installation helped us a lot. Not only we have more comfort but we have more attention to details, allowing us to work on the balance of the sound and find out where the problems are. Now, I wouldn't want to do a concert without it."
Conductor Brian Schembri

Caldas da Raínha Auditorium, Portugal

This municipal auditorium opted to install a fixed DYNAMICFLOW™ Acoustic Shell from the time of its construction. The venue is a cultural hotspot in the region, hosting exhibitions and lots of concerts. This acoustic shell became part of the integral sound of the auditorium, eliminating the need to to overuse electro-acoustics in order not to distort the natural colour of the instruments and voices. The use of our AS™ acoustic shells increases the natural level of the sound that is genuinely produced by the instruments and naturally increases the level of the acoustic pressure of the room, thus leading to a balanced diffusion throughout the whole range of the sound spectrum.
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