Benefits for the orchestra and the Maestro



Acoustic comfort for a musician or musical director is fundamental. It is impossible to win a battle against a room with bad acoustics. It is a frustrating situation for musicians, maestros and sound technicians when that happens and there is nothing within their reach that they can do. The quality of the interpretation of musical pieces may be enhanced when conditions are excellent. The acoustic shell harmonises the sound and enables musicians to listen to each other clearly, thus making their performance pleasant and perfectly harmonious. It also allows to highlight or mildly moderate the several groups of instruments of the orchestra in accordance with the Maestro's taste.


The EFFECTFUSER® AcSh®, DYNAMICFLOW® AcSh®, WOODFOIL® AcSh® and the PLURA® AcSh® fixed acoustic shells consists of lateral background and ceiling modules. These elements enable several angulations among themselves, which are defined according to the degrees of incidence towards the audience. These modules are fixed to the stage's ceiling with duralumin and steel cable structures. They are moved through a system of electric engines, which allow pre-programming some points on the most usual positions. When not in use, shells are gathered on the stage's ceiling and go completely unnoticed. This type of study is available by our company and prepared through simulation of ray tracing, the only way to preview the objective. Therefore, we assure the homogeneous scattering levels of the acoustic energy and the subsequent increase of reverberation time in the room.


DYNAMICFLOW® AcSh®, WOODFOIL® AcSh® and PLURA® AcSh® removable acoustic shells are composed of four 120cm x 120cm modules which are set on a flight-case type box. This box is part of the basic structure of the shell itself and there is no need to store the box while the shell is being used. Two people are enough to install it on the stage floor. This shell adapts to each orchestra according to the number of musicians, groups of instruments and the stage area by adjusting the quantity of modules to be used. It is versatile since it allows several configurations in accordance with the musical formation, as well as the easy access of musicians and instruments and a quick assembly and disassembly. This shell is easily carried on its wheeled box. When not in use, it is kept in storage in order not to interfere with the good functioning of the performance room.

Main features

  • The AcSh® shell system gives the dimension of a big concert hall.
  • AcSh® provides excellent options of acoustic shells for any performance room.
  • AcSh® provides a wide range of applications in theatres, auditoriums or smaller concert spaces.
  • The AcSh® products from JOCAVI® have the right practical solutions for what you want.
  • The AcSh® shells are an added-value, since they provide acoustic features which are precise, simple, easy to install, attractive and are available in all colours.
  • AcSh® Acoustic Shells® are a must in theatres and auditoriums where classic music performances are programmed.

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