The BASSKEEPER ANGLE is a low-frequency absorption panel with an open resonance box. The attractive finish allows you to create your own luxurious design of your room

BASSKEEPER ANGLE produces an overpowering effect in the corners of the room where the bass build-up is most often present. It can be assembled combined with its congener BASSKEEPER WALL.

The BASSKEEPER ANGLE and the BASSKEEPER WALL have the same external appearance and are both bass traps. The BASSKEEPER ANGLE is tuned to 63Hz and applied to corners, while the BASSKEEPER WALL is tuned to 125Hz and is applied to walls or ceilings. This combination is a first-rate approach to tame low-frequency anomalies in your room.

In most cases, the combination of these two models solves all problems caused by the accumulation of low frequencies in the room, thus providing acoustic control of low frequencies.


Two finishings options
HD EPS with Projectable Cellulose Coloured Finishing; or: - HD EPS with regular fabric and wood veneer finishing.
Tuned to
Tuned to 63Hz
LF Average absorption
0.60/m2 [>50Hz; <250Hz]
Projectable Cellulose - Euroclass A2-s1, d0 (similar to old M0); EPS - Euroclass B-s3, d1 (similar to old M1)
Very easy to install
With PU mounting *glue without solvents or with optional RMST - *mounting wooden stripes; (*sold separately)
Other colours available upon consultation



Model Height Width Depth Weight
BKA120 120 cm (47 1/4") 44 cm (17 21/64") 44 cm (17 21/64") 3.6 kg (7 lbs 15 oz)



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