GROUTPAINT is a water-based acoustic anti-vibration adhesive paint. Different from the conventional damping materials, GROUTPAINT is a low-density product, which has a high damping performance on the premise of its low weight.

The product is a key choice to reduce air noise and reverberation time, ideal for use on large surfaces for environments with strict additional weight requirements, such as plasterboard and concrete surfaces, constructions structures and building ceilings, yachts, vehicles and trains, etc. It provides a quick drying performance, environment-protection, performance and fire resistance. GROUTPAINT is a 95% recycled compound. This product can be applied on almost all surfaces by spraying, either using a pressure tank spray machine or an endless screw spray machine system gun.

GROUTPAINT should be diluted with water (10%). It is advisable to apply a thin coat of (800g/m2) as a primer to enhance adherence and to let it dry out completely before the next coat is sprayed. After that, you can apply more 2 or 3 coats, reaching a 15mm maximum thickness.

The product effectively reduces the reverberation time, the resonance effect and the transmission loss is increased. Obviously it controls the resonant frequency of the raw base material, caused by micro vibrations, improving the noise reduction rate.


Main composition
Cellulose, textile and inert mineral fillers. 10Kg bucket (22.05lbs), Water-based, easy to use and clean, 95% recycled compound
Fire Class
A2-s1, d0, non-Flammable (similar to old M0, French Norms CSTB)
Absorption coefficient
0,41/m2 - 12mm to 15mm thickness (0.5" to 0.6")
Any pressure tank spray machine or an endless screw spray machine using a large nozzle, from 8mm to 12 mm (0.8" to 0.5")
GROUTPAINT should be diluted with water (10%). It is important to keep the same dilution during the whole job in order to ensure a continuous final look
DO NOT FORGET to add the included small bottle of additive before application with an electrical mixer. This additive increases air entrainment and facilitates spraying application
Colorant dye
GROUTPAINT is fully compatible with all concentrated aqueous paints used as colorants - Add the dye in the mix with an electrical mixer and make the color test before applying
4kg / m2 (8.82 lbs / 10.76ft2) = 5mm
Max. thickness / timings
5mm (0.2") Maximum thickness per layer. Dry between 24 to 36 hours (allow enough ventilation)





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