The JOCAVI™ KIT BOX 03 has been created for rooms with an area between 17m2 and 30m2 (183ft2 and 323ft2), so small or medium-sized rooms such as home-cinema rooms, home-studios and rehearsal rooms.

JOCAVI™ KIT BOX 03 it is composed of STAIDTREAT acoustic modules which consists of three different models with very different acoustic features though with the same appearance, namely: STAIDTREAT BXA as a Low-frequency absorbent tuned at 80Hz, the BXW as a Low-frequency absorbent tuned at 160Hz and the WBA, which is a broad band mid-high absorbent.

As a whole, these three different specificities provide an outstanding acoustic balance, thus the resulting aesthetic look is a light and very pleasant design.

The finishing plate is similar to the three options and conceals the remaining engineering portion of each model. This pressed mineral granulate plate also combines absorption with unidirectional micro-diffusion features.

This KIT of panels is the most recommended pack of acoustic panels for those who want an authentic acoustic balance with a sober decoration.


For rooms with an area
Between 17 m2 and 30 m2 (183 ft2 and 323 ft2)
For rooms with volumes
Between 58 m3 and 90 m3 (2048 ft3 and 3178 ft3)
Small-sized home-theatre rooms, home-studios, Hi-fi rooms or instrument rooms
JAS software
Values were obtained by simulation in specific JAS software and later confirmed through acoustic analyses in the rooms
Simulation details
The simulated rooms were tested with all the materials and equipments shown in the images, and the mentioned JOCAVI™ KIT BOX 03 acoustic panels
Traditional room
With dimensions (L,W,H) 4.90m / 3.60m / 2.80m (192.9" / 141.7" / 110.2") or other dimensions until 30m2 (322.92 ft2)
Masonry with painted fine stuff and a wooden door
12 mm (1/2") - thick plaster
Natural floating parquet

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