The ATP HiFi/STUDIOROOM pack was developed to fulfil and achieve the perfect combination between aesthetics and acoustics in Hi-Fi, Home Cinemas and Music Rooms. This Room Pack is also an excellent solution for rehearsal or studio live-rooms, whenever an acoustically treated space is required to listen, play or study music in general. This pack is a set of acoustic panels destined for mid-sized rooms.

Despite the intentional exclusion of low frequency absorbent panels in this pack, the achieved result helps to enhance, the real way, the sound produced inside the room and to optimize the acoustic bond between the active listener and the speakers in the room, while minimizing the speakers’ boundary interference response and the modal emphasis, creating a quiet less reverberating atmosphere, resulting in a true and pleasant acoustic environment with an adequate frequency/RT balance.

HiFi/STUDIOROOM is a very practical assembly kit for Hi-Fi listening rooms, Music and Studio-Rooms, provided with all assembly instructions required to install all acoustic modules.

This pack can be easily adapted by adding modules depending on the size of your room.


For rooms with an area
Between 17 m2 and 30 m2 (183 ft2 and 323 ft2), Very cost effective acoustic ballance control
For rooms with volumes
45 m3 and 58 m3 (1589 ft3 and 2048 ft3)
Medium-size home-theatre rooms, home-studios, Hi-Fi rooms, listening & practice rooms.
Simulation details
The simulated and tested rooms are totally empty, and only the referred ATP™ PACK 06 acoustic panels are applied
JAS software
Values were obtained by simulation in specific JAS software and later confirmed through acoustic analyses in the rooms
62% RT reduction
62% Reverberation time reduction
Traditional room
With dimensions (L,W,H) 4.90 m / 3.60 m / 2.80 m (192.9" / 141.7" / 110.2") Easily customizable for other room sizes. Multiple color combinations available. Mounting instructions / accessories included*
Masonry with painted fine stuff and a wooden door
12 mm (1/2") - thick plaster
Natural floating parquet.



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