While some customers favour the ATP™ PACK 01 acoustic panel set, others certainly need an answer for their larger-sized rooms. The ATP™ PACK 02 acoustic panel set has been designed for rooms measuring between 13 and 17m² (139.93 ft² and 182.99 ft² ). The approach consists in adjusting the room dimensions to sizes which are slightly bigger than the size of the ATP™ PACK 01.

The acoustic treatment modules must also be placed in relation to the listener and the speakers, while minimising the SBIR and the modal emphasis to produce a frequency response as flat as possible in the room.

Given the elegant look of these Acoustic Elements, most of our customers prefer to leave them in sight as if they were acoustic sculptures. In a practical way, ATP™ PACKS have been designed for small-sized rooms. They are easily assembled and all accessories needed are included.You can choose from the two ATP™ PACK 02 available solutions: Standard or Excellence, depending on your needs and aesthetic taste.

All packs are supplied with assembly instructions, as well as the glues and tools which are necessary to install the acoustic modules.


For rooms with an area
Between 13 m2 and 17 m2 (140 ft2 and 183 ft2)
For rooms with volumes
Between 35 m3 and 45 m3 (1236 ft3 and 1589 ft3)
JAS software
Values were obtained by simulation in specific JAS software and later confirmed through acoustic analyses in the rooms
Simulation details
The simulated and tested rooms are totally empty, and only the referred ATP™ PACK 02 acoustic panels are applied
Traditional room
With dimensions (L,W,H): 4.31 m / 3.58 m / 2.80 m (169.7" / 140.9" / 110.2")
Masonry with painted fine stuff and a wooden door
12mm (1/2") - thick plaster
Natural floating parquet.

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