The ATP™ PACK 05 is specific for large-sized music rooms, as it was designed for rooms measuring between 30m2 and 40m2 (323 ft2 and 430 ft2). You can choose from the two ATP™ PACK 05 available solutions: Standard or Excellence, depending on your needs and aesthetic taste.

It provides acoustic comfort in control room studios, recording rooms, hi-fi or home-cinema rooms, rehearsal rooms, etc. It uses low-frequency tuned modules, BKA120 and BKW120, which are duly balanced with the absorbers and diffusers FSO060 and WAV060, as pictures show.

The application of the low-frequency tuned absorbers in the corners of the room and on the walls is mandatory, in this case, to hold the energy at low frequencies.

The integration of the acoustic modules, sound system and listener is decisive for a good audition, therefore minimising the differences in the distribution of the acoustic pressure and minimising the modal emphasis and SBIR (speaker-boundary interference response). Give your ears an opportunity and see how the performance of your sound system improves.


For rooms with an area
Between 30 m2 and 40 m2 (323 ft2 and 430 ft2)
For rooms with volumes
90 m3 and 130 m3 (3178 ft3 and 4591 ft3)
For use in
Control room studios, tracking rooms, hi-fi or home-cinema rooms, rehearsal rooms, etc.
JAS software
Values were obtained by simulation in specific JAS software and later confirmed through acoustic analyses in the rooms
Simulation details
The simulated and tested rooms are totally empty, and only the referred ATP™ PACK 05 acoustic panels are applied
Traditional room
With dimensions (L,W,H) 7.45 m / 5.20 m / 3.20 m (293.3" / 204.7" / 126.0")
Masonry with painted fine stuff and a wooden door
12 mm (1/2") - thick plaster
Natural floating parquet

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