The Staidtreat BXA is a low-frequency absorption panel. It is tuned to 63 Hz and is meant to be placed in 90° corners. The principle used to develop the Staidtreat BXA is exclusive to JOCAVI™. It combines an HIPS box, which has two appropriately enhanced closed resonance chambers inside, with mass and density components. These components have been specifically developed for this model.

Therefore, because of its careful development, this panel has become one of the best offers in the market for low-frequency absorbent materials.

In order to boost bass absorption, we recommend that this panel is used together with the Staidtreat BXW, as the latter functions close to the harmonics of this model.

It can also be incorporated a high quality performance speaker. Its designed to aesthetically conceal acoustic treatment with speakers providing a good sound intelligibility, besides making technology imperceptible to eyesight. This system was essentially planned for 7.1 and 5.1 home-theatres surround systems, but it is also advisable for conference rooms, restaurants and bars, public spaces and for background music or speech purposes.


Front Plate
Plate of pressed granulated mineral
Tuned to 63Hz
LF average absorption
0.86/m2 [>50Hz; <250Hz]
Euroclass A2-s2, d0 (similar to old M1)
Made of
Made of recyclable materials
Application on ceiling and wall 90ºcorners. Mounting Aluminium Bars NOT included



Model Height Width Depth Weight
BXA060 60 cm (23 5/8") 60 cm (23 5/8") 30 cm (11 13/16") 5.9 kg (13 lbs 0 oz)
BXA060/SP 60 cm (23 5/8") 60 cm (23 5/8") 30 cm (11 13/16") 11.1 kg (24 lbs 8 oz)



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